Learn the best of Check Point Technology and validate your ability to install, configure, and manage Check Point Security Gateway and Management Software Blade systems on the GAiA operating system

  • 75+ modules aligned to latest Check Point CCSA Curriculum.

  • Get familiar with deployment, configuration and basic troubleshooting.

  • Work with multiple concurrent administrators and define permission profiles

  • Configure a Virtual Private Network and work with Check Point clustering

  • Perform periodic administrator tasks as specified in administrator job descriptions

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Introduction to CheckPoint Technology

    • Firewall Concept

    • CheckPoint Three-Tier Architecture

    • Introduction to Gaia OS

    • Installation of Gaia OS

    • First Time Configuration Wizard - Lab

    • Working with Gaia Portal - Lab

    • CheckPoint Certifications

    • Introduction to Check Point SmartConsole

    • Installation of Smart Console - Lab

    • Touring Smart Console - Lab

    • Deployment Platform

    • CheckPoint Software Blades

    • Assessment for Introduction to CheckPoint Technology

  • 3

    Security Policy Management

    • Introduction to Objects

    • Creating and modifying Objects - Lab

    • Creation and Integration of Gateway Objects - Lab

    • Security Zones

    • Anti-Spoofing

    • Anti-Spoofing Configuration - Lab

    • Firewall Rules Part 1

    • Firewall Rules Part 2

    • Creation and Modification of Rule Base - Lab

    • Global Properties

    • Policy Package

    • Creation and Reviewing of Security Policy Package Settings

    • Network Address Translation (NAT)

    • Configuring Hide NAT - Lab

    • Configuring Static NAT - Lab

    • Assessment for Security Policy Management

  • 4

    Policy Layers

    • Policy Layer Concept - Part 1

    • Policy Layer Concept - Part 2

    • Assigning layers to existing Security Policy - Lab

    • Specifying the installation targets - Lab

    • Sharing a Policy Layer - Lab

    • Managing Application Control Layer

    • Creating an Application & URL rule and reviewing the traffic - Lab

    • Assessment for Policy Layers

  • 5

    CheckPoint Security Solution and Licensing

    • Check Point Software Blade Architecture

    • Licensing Overview

    • SmartUpdate

    • Working with licenses & contracts - Lab

    • Assessment for CheckPoint Security Solution and Licensing

  • 6

    Traffic Visibility

    • Log Analysis

    • Viewing logs and search results - Lab

    • Monitoring traffic and connections

    • Assessment for Traffic Visibility

  • 7

    Basic Concepts of VPN

    • Introduction to VPN

    • VPN Deployment

    • VPN Communities

    • Access Control for VPN connections

    • Tunnel Management and Monitoring

    • Configuring a Site-to-Site VPN - Lab (Part 2)

    • Configuring a Site-to-Site VPN - Lab (Part 1)

    • Assessment for Basic Concepts of VPN

  • 8

    Managing User Access

    • Overview of User Management Components

    • Managing Users

    • Authenticating Users

    • Managing user access

    • Active Directory integration - Lab

    • Defining the User Access Role and Security Policy for Identity Awareness - Lab

    • Configuring Browser-based Authentication - Lab

    • Assessment for Managing User Access

  • 9

    Working with ClusterXL

    • Overview of Cluster XL

    • Cluster XL deployment

    • Fail overs and synchronizing cluster connections

    • Monitoring a cluster

    • Configuring Cluster High-Availability (HA) and Testing - Lab

    • Assessment for Working with ClusterXL

  • 10

    Administrative Task Implementation

    • Compliance Software Blade

    • Identifying an inactive object and reviewing a Compliance Scan Report - Lab

    • CPView Utility

    • Reviewing CPView statistics and changing the Refresh Rate - Lab

    • Viewing historical data in CPView and saving statistics to a file - Lab

    • Assessment for Administrative Task Implementation

  • 11

    What's new in CheckPoint

    • New Features in R80.40

  • 12

    Bonus Content

    • Demystifying IPSec VPN - By Ashok Sharma

    • Using 'tcpdump' command to troubleshoot Check Point gateways - By Ashok Sharma

Aspirant Ratings

5 star rating

Excellent course.

Huda Makthar

Very nice presentation.

Very nice presentation.

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5 star rating


Sherrick D'Sa

Was helpful.

Was helpful.

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5 star rating

CheckPoint Bootcamp (R80.30)

Narayan Reddy

The Course is very well designed. Many thanks

The Course is very well designed. Many thanks

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5 star rating


aman kumar

excellent work and easy to understand

excellent work and easy to understand

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Meet Your Instructor

Checkpoint SME at QOS Technology

Kiran Naidu J

Kiran's passion for cybersecurity can easily be reflected in his significant rundown of certifications that he has earned while working as security consultant at QOS Technology. He has 5+ years of experience teaching multiple security subjects around Check Point Technologies.
He is a CCSA, CCSE, CCSBA, CCSVA, TCSE, CloudGuard, and CCSM certified engineer.

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