Course curriculum

  • 2

    Understanding hard disk and file system

    • Disk Drives

    • Registry

    • Module Assessment

  • 3

    Computer Forensics Investigation Process

    • Importance of forensics process and investigation planning

    • Module Assessment

  • 4

    Data Acquisition and Analysis

    • Introduction

    • RAM and hard dump acquisition using FTK®

    • Volatility analysis of RAM acquisition

    • Acquiring data using FTK® and Autopsy tools

    • Module Assessment

  • 5

    Network Forensics

    • Introduction

    • Understanding Network components and packet flow in a network

    • Module Assessment

  • 6

    Email Crimes

    • Introduction to Email Forensics

    • Introduction to Email Forensics (contd.)

    • Email tracking hands-on

    • Module Assessment

Meet Your Instructor

Security Researcher

Sumita Narshetty

Sumita is a core member of Purple Range Cyber Simulation platform, which is a next generation research, testing and training platform. She specializes in packet tracing software, especially Wireshark, in which she has mastery over. Using Wireshark, she can dissect each and every packet within a given pcap file. Apart from her research work she also trains professionals through PurpleSynapz platform and has successfully conducted advanced Wireshark classes for employees of top MNCs including Capgemini, Wipro, Ford Motors, Sahara Group etc. She is well-versed with popular forensic tools such as FTK® and Autopsy® and has published her research paper on forensics using feedback approach and call logs. Additionally, she was a speaker for Open Source India regarding packet analysis using Wireshark

She is also a certified Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI).

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