Course curriculum

  • 1

    About the course

  • 2

    SPL Commands

    • Splunk Search Processing Language (SPL)

    • Search Command

    • Transforming command : Introduction to stats table top rare chart time chart

    • Top, Table and Rare Commands

    • Stats, timechart and chart commands

    • Filtering results - where command

    • Filtering results - dedup and head commands

    • Assessment for SPL Commands

    • Reference links

    • Data Input

    • Logs

  • 3

    Field Extraction

  • 4

    Splunk Report, Dashboard and Alerts

    • Splunk Reports - creating, editing and scheduling

    • Splunk Dashboard - creating and editing

    • Splunk Alerts and its types

    • Alerts action (E-mail and Slack) (Lab)

    • Assessment for Splunk Report, Dashboard and Alerts

  • 5

    Data normalization, classification and enrichment

    • Search macros

    • Data Normalization with tags and field alias

    • Data classification with event type and transaction

    • Assessment for Data normalization, classification and enrichment

  • 6

    Splunk application and Add-Ons

    • What are Splunk apps and add-ons?

    • Creating Splunk app and add-ons

    • Configure Splunk app

    • Adding dashboard and reports in Splunk app

    • App packaging using Splunk

    • Assessment for Splunk application and Add-Ons

  • 7

    Scenario Library

    • Scenario 1

    • Scenario 2

    • Scenario 3

    • Scenario 4

    • Scenario 5

    • Scenario 6

    • Scenario 7

    • Scenario 8

    • Scenario 9

    • Scenario 10

    • Scenario 11

    • Scenario 12

    • Scenario 13

    • Scenario 14

    • Scenario 15

Aspirant Ratings

5 star rating

Great Class 'virtualacademy'

Pramod Sharma

Meet your Instructor

Software Specialist & Team Lead

Ekta Siwani

Ekta is the Team Lead for QOS R&D and has a wide spectrum of knowledge from developing apps in PHP (Laravel) and Python (Django) to working with REST API Splunk, CheckPoint, Websense, Symantec, Blueliv, IBM and X-Force, along with Apache Server and MySQL databases.

Along with being the recipient of the Splunk Revolution Award and developing Splunk apps such as Check Point Analytics App by QOS, Check Point Add On for Splunk via Syslog – LEA Alternative and Centurion – Threat Hunting Feed Aggregator, she is also certified in Splunk as Core Certified User, Power User, Knowledge Manager and Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin.

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